Eloping in Moab, Utah

Devin + Makaylas Wedding Day

Devin and Makayla are high school sweethearts who decided to tie the knot in the beautiful arches of Moab, Utah!

Their families rented a gorgeous airbnb at the foothills of the arches where they all stayed to enjoy each others time and soak in all the memories together!

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After visiting Utah for vacation before their ceremony Devin and Makayla decided they wanted to ditch their big wedding planned in Florida and head out west to the windows section of Arches National Park!


We had the best time exploring and taking these bridal portraits before the ceremony! We started at the Park Avenue trail in Arches National Park and then finished near the Courthouse Towers for some rad road shots!


If you have never been to the Park Avenue trail I highly suggest you put it on your bucket list! We shot all of Devins Groom portraits along this trail that goes along the base of the arches!

Now it's time to get them hitched!!

The Bradlys!!

The Bradlys!!

We spent the afternoon after the ceremony climbing through the trails of the arches and catching the sunset!

Getting to be apart of Devin and Makaylas wedding day was so so special!!! I am so excited for them and whats to come!

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